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Steinbach pianos are made by Pearl River, one of the World’s largest piano makers and China’s leading factory: the first to receive ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Over 50 years experience has resulted in the highest quality pianos at affordable prices available today culminating in prestigious production joint ventures with leading piano manufacturers.

Voted by UK dealers as the best Acoustic Piano in 2004 and 2005 the Steinbach 108 Modern is renowned for offering great value for money, proven reliability, tonal consistency throughout the keyboard, ease of play and a choice of finishes to suit any décor.

All Steinbach pianos are designed with the help of German master piano makers and are unique amongst Asian pianos by capturing the sole and spirit of the European tone ideally suited to both classical and contemporary musical styles. This beautiful tone is captured by the use of mountain grown Spruce and European string wire for the treble and bass strings wound in the European tradition. Solid Spruce ribs and hard Maple back-frames or double bracing in the European tradition ensure excellent tuning stability. All pianos feature 100% northern mountain Spruce soundboards with surface laminates to prevent splitting in centrally heated environments.

Steinbach pianos are the ideal purchase for both family life and personal enjoyment with a light and responsive action, sculptured and durable covered Spruce keys, three brass die cast pedals including muffler for silent practice and a fallboard lock on the 108 Modern and soft close falls on grand pianos to avoid harm to young children’s hands.

Steinbach pianos range from the Musical Instrument Association / Classic FM Radio award winning 108 Modern through mid range uprights in the traditional style to the 130 Conservatoire upright and a range of Grand pianos from 142cm Baby Deluxe to full concert size.
If you are looking for a Piano which is ideal for learning to play or if you wish to continue a lifetime’s pleasure but with a new piano then the Steinbach range of pianos are ideally suited for you.

Steinbach 108 in a Black high gloss cabinet.

Steinbach black gloss piano.

Steinbach 108 in a Beech satin cabinet.

Steinbach 108 in a Beech satin finish.

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